Potter Park Pink

Potter Park Pink

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Potter Park Pink was captured and designed from the artist’s observations while strolling by the train station in the town of Spring Lake, New Jersey. (If only I were seventeen going on eighteen;)-KL) 

To best convey the artist vision, this limited edition phonetography image is created on Diamond Jet Sunset Photo Metallic Paper which portrays a beautifully soft image. There is no diminished color or clarity as the image is then mounted directly onto a 3/4” White Birch Panel. Each piece is gently sanded creating a soft, gallery quality finished edge. The finished art comes ready to hang for your enjoyment. 

This limited edition is sold in consecutive order until it is exhausted, then the edition will be closed and no longer produced as described above.  Each piece in this edition is Certified Limited by Coast City Fine Art and Design Studio LLC and is signed and numbered by the artist. The artist chose to limit this edition of this 36" x24" , wood birch panel to a quantity of 10.

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