Colored Bangs

Colored Bangs

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This colorful autumn scene was captured and designed from the artist’s observations while outside her storefront on Bangs Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey in late October 2009.  These trees no longer exist, they were replaced with younger, more uniform trees. I tend to appreciate older, non-conformist, living things;)-KL

To best convey the artist's vision, this phonetography image is created on LexJet Sunset Photo Metallic Paper embedded directly onto 1/8th” TruLife Anti-Glare Acrylic Glass. This acrylic glass reduces glare 30% from standard acrylics yet the image retains crisp edges and brilliant color. An additional, ⅜” black frame backer provides a beautiful sleek and modern accent. The edges are diamond polished and it hangs with an aluminum subframe cleat.

This limited edition is sold in consecutive order until it is exhausted, then the edition will be closed and no longer produced as described above.  Each piece in this edition is Certified Limited by Coast City Fine Art and Design Studio LLC and is signed and numbered by the artist.  The artist chose to limit this 40" x 30" edition to quantity of 5.

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