About the Artist



  Kat was born and raised in the 'ShoreTowns' of Monmouth County, New Jersey.  At the age of ten she received what turned out to be a most valuable gift - art lessons!  Taking advantage of the local rail system, she journeyed to the city/town of Red Bank to be mentored by New Jersey artist, Jan Voytko.  

This young experience gave her a sense of independence and awakened her desire to create in an art studio environment.   She was also inspired by the artistic atmosphere in her father's(Jerome M Larson) architectural firm.  This was during a time when blueprint drafting was hand-drawn with mechanical pencils and illustrations were rendered with colored markers.  

After attending college in Philadelphia and New York and making Manhattan her home for a stint,  Kat moved back to NJ and started her own Interior Design business. 

Years later in 2006, she decided to open a boutique art, accessory and design store in Asbury Park.  The shop was christened, ‘Coast City Creations’ in honor of her Great Uncle’s bus and trolley line, Coast Cities Coaches (Helen Gallagher, being her maternal grandmother), which existed in Asbury Park for a good part of the 20th century.   

At the time of the shop’s opening there was a great energy and a sense of community that was contagious among the shop owners who were devoted to the resurrection of Asbury Park.   Kat’s talented daughter(Erin Kelly Jones), graced the entire east wall of the shop with a mural depicting this great ‘ShoreTown’ city. 

The mural and the shop created quite a buzz locally and also among the shoppers who came to visit from New York and Philadelphia.  The recession of 2009 took its toll on the retail business but Kat moved towards the future,  fueled by her sense of humor and entrepreneurial spirit.  She has now come full circle and is focusing on her first love, visual arts.  She continues to see the wondrous beauty in both her surroundings and in the interesting people that cross her path.  Her wish is to share her humanity through her art.